PSC-1 / ISO18788 are the standards for companies delivering private security services in complex environments.


By achieving PSC-1 Tor International have demonstrated they have a security management system that reduces risk and helps ensure the maintenance and credibility of their management controls, whilst operating in a complex environment.

About Tor 

Tor International is a leading security provider and training organization promoting the health and safety of people worldwide. They are aligned with overarching US and UK government foreign policy objective, working with multiple stakeholders often in complex environments.

The CEO of Tor International, Piers Hill commented “In working with us to achieve this goal, IQ Verify have struck a fine balance between supporting our requirements and adhering professionally and thoroughly to the exacting standards expected of a PSC-1 certification body”.

The Benefit 

Being certified to PSC-1 is increasingly becoming a requirement of government tender contracts and local law. PSC-1 / ISO18788 demonstrates an organisation is fit to operate internationally in complex environments and provides assurance for both staff and those contracting the organisations services that risks are minimized to those involved and operating to best practices from a regulatory and government perspective.

If your organisation is planning on becoming a member of ICoCA, certification to PSC-1/ISO18788 is required by May 2020.