IQ Verify Ltd specialises in corporate resilience auditing and offers certification for management systems, products and services internationally, and is accredited by UKAS to ISO 17021 and ISO 17065.

IQ Verify is committed to working impartially, this is overseen by an independent impartiality committee, which consists of senior industry experts, who are experienced in the area which IQ Verify operates. 

The Impartiality committee review IQ Verify’s processes, policies and procedures to ensure that impartiality is maintained.

IQ Verify has commitment to impartiality in all its activities relating to the certification process and that it fully understands the importance of impartiality, conflicts of interest and ensures the objectivity of its certification activities.

See impartiality policy as below:

The director and general manager and senior management of IQ Verify are responsible for the impartiality of its certification activities and will not allow commercial, financial or other pressures to compromise impartiality. However, ALL IQ Verify personnel, either internal or external, or committees, who could influence the certification activities, shall act impartially and shall not allow commercial, financial or other pressures to compromise impartiality.

IQ Verify identifies risks to its impartiality on an ongoing basis. This will include those risks that arise from its activities, from its relationships, or from the relationships of its personnel (this includes internal and external personnel, or committees who could influence certification activities). A relationship presenting a risk to impartiality can be based on ownership, governance, management, personnel, shared resources, finances, contracts, marketing (including branding), and payment of a sales commission or other inducement for the referral of new clients, etc.

 Specific identified risks involving personnel including external auditors includes the following:

  • self-interest (e.g. overdependence on a contract for service or the fees, or fear of losing the client or fear of becoming unemployed, to  an  extent  that  adversely affects impartiality in carrying out conformity assessment activities);
  • self-review (e.g. performing a conformity assessment activity in which the certification body evaluates the results of other services it has already provided, such as consultancy);
  • advocacy (e.g. a certification body or its personnel acting in support of, or in opposition to, a given company which is at the same time its client);
  • over-familiarity, i.e. risks that arise from a certification body or its personnel being overly familiar or too trusting, instead of seeking evidence of conformity (in the product certification context, this risk is more difficult to manage because the need for personnel with very specific expertise often limits the availability of qualified personnel);
  • intimidation (e.g. the certification body or its personnel can be deterred from acting impartiality by risks from, or fear of, a client or other interested party);
  • competition (e.g. between the client and a contracted person).


When a relationship poses an unacceptable threat to impartiality then certification shall not be provided.

 IQ Verify or any part of the same legal entity and entities under its organizational control will not:

  • be the designer, manufacturer, installer, distributer or maintainer of the certified product;
  • be the designer, implementer, operator or maintainer of the certified process;
  • be the designer, implementer, provider or maintainer of the certified service;
  • offer or provide consultancy to its clients;
  • offer or provide management system consultancy or internal auditing to its clients where the certification scheme requires the evaluation of the client’s management system.
  • Outsource audits to a management system consultancy organisation


This does not preclude the following:

  • the possibility of exchange of information (e.g. explanations of findings or clarifying requirements) between IQ Verify and its clients;
  • the use, installing and maintaining of certified products which are necessary for the operations of IQ Verify.
  • The use of sub contracted individuals


IQ Verify will respond to any threats to its impartiality appropriately.