IQ Verify seeks to provide certification and assessment services to industry and international standards, with a principle focus on standards supporting corporate resilience and sustainability, and selected industry schemes.

IQ Verify is an organisation, when combined with Industry Qualifications Ltd, is able to provide a range of certification services for people, systems and organisations, supporting its customers in the adoption of best practice and raising standards. 

IQ Verify is a UKAS accredited certification body that has a reputation for quality of assessment, product and service and is responsive to opportunity.

The values that underpin IQ Verify are:

  • Impartiality: Being impartial, and being perceived to be impartial, is necessary for IQ Verify to deliver certification that provides confidence. Impartiality is continually considered throughout the certification process and business and this is monitored by an independent committee. 
  • Competence: We employ the services of competent auditors, lead auditors, executive auditors and technical experts who are experienced in their relevant field of expertise. IQ Verify monitors all auditors and technical experts to ensure the high levels are maintained and standardised.
  • Responsibility: IQ Verify is responsible for ensuring that the standard requirements are met, and that clients expectations have been fulfilled. 
  • Confidentiality: Due to the areas that IQ Verify work, client confidentiality is paramount. We use dedicated tools to exchange information to ensure confidentiality is secure and maintained. 
  • Quality: The value of the IQ Verify brand is dependent upon the integrity of its assessment process. We have sought to be best in class, and are committed to excellence in customer service when delivering International and British Standards audits. We believe that by protecting the integrity of the brand, our clients benefit from the value of the brand.