About This Standard 

Public surveillance, including the use of CCTV can help crime prevention, provide evidence for criminal investigations and aid community reassurance, but whilst technology advances and using such equipment becomes wider spread it is necessary to demonstrate that it is done with integrity. BS7958.2015 Image

BS7958 gives recommendations for the operation and management of CCTV within a controlled environment. It applies where data that might be offered as evidence is received stored, reviewed or analysed. It also applies to the monitoring of traffic regulations, ANPR and traffic enforcement as well as providing best practice for all other CCTV Schemes. 

Is This Standard For You?

BS7958 is applicable to CCTV schemes used in public places such as: 

  • Areas where the public are encouraged to enter or have a right to visit (town centres, shopping malls, public transport, health establishments) 
  • Schemes that overlook a public place, such as traffic monitoring and traffic enforcement schemes 
  • Private schemes where a camera view includes a partial view of public place 

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