IQ Verify welcome any comments, suggestions, compliments and feedback about the service you have experienced when contacting us or when using any of our services, our employees are here to help ensure your experience with us remains as positive as possible.

However, if you do not feel satisfied with our service, or the service you received please contact us in line with this policy.

IQ Verify aim to ensure that we:

  • deal with your complaint promptly and politely,
  • ensure your confidentially, where appropriate;
  • respond appropriately, e.g. by giving you an explanation or an apology where we have got things wrong, and provide an appropriate rectification where possible


Examples of situation that would constitute a complaint:

  • the competency of an IQV employee / auditor was not satisfactory,
  • unacceptable attitude from IQV employee / auditor towards the client their employees,
  • delay in service,
  • incorrect information received,
  • processing errors,
  • lack of response to queries,
  • non-compliance with policies, processes or procedures,
  • the outcome of an appeals process

You cannot appeal against a complaint, although you are entitled to submit both an appeal and complaint. You can complain about your appeal.


Please submit your complaint and any relevant evidence to or provide it by post to:

Business Improvement Team,

IQ Verify Ltd,

Sentinel House,

The Courtyard Harris Business Park,

Hanbury Road,

Bromsgrove, B60 4DJ

As well as the nature of your complaint, please ensure you include:

  • Your full name
  • Your IQ Verify ref number (IQV0000) if known
  • Your details (name, address)
  • Details of the relevant certification service
  • Contact details : email address, address and phone number


On receipt of a formal complaint, IQ Verify shall:

  • acknowledge your complaint within 5 working days.
  • Complete a complaint form taking gathering and verifying all necessary information (as far as possible) to progress the complaint to a decision
  • appoint an appropriate person to investigate the matter on your behalf and inform you who is responsible for dealing with your complaint
  • aim to resolve complaint within 20 working days but we will advise you if we need a longer period to fully address your complaint
  • provide progress report and formal notice to the complainant of the outcome and the end of the investigation
  • Apply appropriate correction and corrective action where required.

 If the complaint relates to:

  • Certification activities which IQ Verify are responsible for, we will take necessary action to resolve the complaint.
  • A certified client, an investigation of the complaint will consider the effectiveness of the certified management system. Any complaint about a certified client will also be referred by IQ Verify to the certified client in question at an appropriate time.

IQ Verify will determine, together with the client and the complainant, whether and, if so to what extent, the subject of the complaint and its resolution will be made public.

A complaint form may also be raised by personnel within the IQ Verify where it is noted that the service provided does not meet the client’s expectation, the investigative process will be the same.

Conflicts of interest

Where any person responsible for tasks outlined within this policy is considered to be in conflict (having provided consultancy for a client, or been employed by a client within the last two years) an appropriate nominee will be appointed by agreement of at least 2 members from the Senior Management Team to undertake the tasks ordinarily assigned to the role within this policy.

The decision resolving the complaint or appeal shall be made by, or reviewed and approved by, person(s) not involved in the certification activities, or other aspects of service, related to the complaint or appeal.


You should receive a response within 20 working days of receipt of the complaint. Where this is not possible within the timeframe, correspondence providing details for the reason for the delay will be sent.

Our response will usually include an explanation of the situation that has led to your outcome, and any corrective action taken.


We aim to improve our business processes and our response to clients in the light of learning from the feedback we receive. The outcome of the complaint will be reported and reviewed at Management review meetings to identify root causes and trends.

If you are not satisfied with the outcome or progress of your complaint, you can take the matter further by asking for the complaint to be escalated to the appropriate manager who will evaluate all the information and ensure the correct process has been carried out.

Complaining to our regulators

If you remain unsatisfied with the outcome after escalating your complaint you can contact the appropriate regulator providing evidence that you have instigated IQ Verify’s complaints procedure in the first instance:

Process Improvement & Customer Feedback Manager


2 Pine Trees

Chertsey Lane


Middlesex, TW18 3HR

Tel: +44 (0)1784 429000 | Email: