IQ Verify maintains and makes available upon request, the following:

  1. information about (or reference to) the certification scheme(s), including evaluation procedures, rules and procedures for granting, renewing, for maintaining, for expanding or reducing the scope of, for suspending, for withdrawing or for refusing certification;
  2. a  description  of  the  means  by  which  IQ Verify  obtains  financial  support  and  general information on the fees charged to applicants and to clients;
  3. a description of the rights and duties of applicants and clients, including requirements, restrictions or limitations on the use of IQ Verify’s name and certification mark and on the ways of referring to the certification granted;
  4. information about procedures for handling complaints and appeals;
  5. company information that holds a certification with IQ Verify, including:
  • Name
  • Scope/activity certified for
  • Any related normative document
  • Geographical area covered (city and country)
  • Status of certification (applicant, current, withdrawn, suspended)

 6. Certification scheme document which details:

  • Application for registration
  • Audit method (Initial / Stage 1 / Stage 2)
  • Certification
  • Notification of changes by client
  • Surveillance / Maintaining certification
  • Re-certification (Management systems only)
  • Extension to scope audits
  • Short notice audits
  • Marks of conformity
  • Certificate misuse
  • Certificate suspension, withdrawal, reduced scope
  • Cancellation of registration
  • Changes to certification requirements
  • Impartiality commitment
  • Complaints /record of complaints
  • Appeals procedure
  • Personnel
  • Confidentiality
  • Fees
  • Liability
  • Non-discriminatory conditions
  • Indemnity
  • Changes to terms and conditions
  • Publicly available information
  • Communication

To request any of the above information please contact