IQ Verify is thrilled to announce that the security services companies of international conglomerate Harlow International have been awarded ISO18788:2015 certification.

Al Murabit Security Services (AMS) and its sister company Al Thaware Security Services (ATS) are the first Iraqi-owned businesses to attain the standard through UKAS, following an audit by IQ Verify.

Al Murabit Security Services (AMS-91) is an Anglo-Iraqi security and risk management company established in 2010. As the first Iraqi private security company of Harlow International, Al Murabit provides bespoke personal and technical security support for those living, travelling and working in Iraq. They provide local reliable security for governments, oil and gas companies and other major European organisations and institutions to evaluate and mitigate their security risk – making ISO18788 vital to their business.

ISO18788:2015 is a challenging standard that ensures private security companies that operate in areas where governance may be weakened are in conformance with applicable laws and human rights requirements.

General Manager of IQ Verify, Lynn Watts-Plumpkin said:

“The IQ Verify auditors that conducted the audit in Iraq were impressed by the quality of both of the security companies. Anyone who uses the services of ATS and AMS will be in safe hands as the service supplied is of an extremely high quality.  Staff are well trained and fully familiar with the techniques required whilst working in a hostile environment.”

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