IQV are excited to announce that for the first time an ISO standard (internationally recognised standards ensuring products and services and safe and reliable) will be used for professional certification within the aesthetics sector. This is a major step towards further increasing the professional standards in the industry, as well as a commitment to the continued improvement for client/ patient safety.

The IQ Verify learning provider scheme (in accordance with ISO17065:2012) and personnel certification scheme in Skin Rejuvenation (in accordance with ISO17024:2012) have been developed and will be accredited by UKAS, the UK regulator and delivered through IQ Verify, a UKAS accredited certification body.

The IQ Verify Learning Provider Scheme in accordance with 17065:2012.

The IQ Verify learning provider scheme, has been developed against the recognised standard ISO17065:2012. Any organisation offering training and education services successfully audited against this standard are able to demonstrate that their organisation has met an internationally recognised and accepted standard to offer high calibre training delivery.

The scheme assesses against the core requirements of the ISO17065:2012 standard to operate a training facility, in addition to the modality specific aesthetic training requirements as identified by the CPSA- the scope of which is determined by the delivery model of the provider. Importantly for candidates and clients/ patients alike, through a process of annual audit training providers must demonstrate that they continue to meet these standards to maintain this level of certification.

Harley Academy are undergoing the first audit in October, allowing it to offer IQ Verify’ s 17024:2012 personnel certification scheme for skin rejuvenation. This is to be pilot for all aesthetic schemes for which UKAS will be assessing compliance.

Skin Rejuvenation Scheme in Accordance with ISO17024:2012.

ISO17024:2012 is the internationally recognised standard for competent person certification programmes, enhancing the integrity, confidence and mobility of certified professionals. The Skin Rejuvenation personnel certification scheme has been mapped against the requirements of the regulated qualification framework, providing a pathway for aesthetic practitioners to progress from Levels 4 to Level 7 in skin rejuvenation.

In accordance with the latest guidelines, level correlates with procedural risk and invasiveness. The knowledge and competency required to safely deliver these techniques is included within this natural progression framework. Certification will be required at each level in order to achieve the final level 7 assessment, ensuring practitioners demonstrate they have the correct knowledge and skills. Somewhat uniquely, this framework is available for medics and non-medics alike.

Whilst adhering to HEE, CPSA and best practice guidelines, this market leading programme unlike a regulated qualification, certifies professionals against a worldwide recognised certification (ISO17024:2012), evidencing that they have the knowledge, skills and competencies to practice. In pursuit of client/ patient safety, successful practitioners will be required to submit a logbook of post-certification clinical competency and to demonstrate an ongoing commitment to CPD, every three years, to maintain this level of certification.

IQ Verify Director and General Manager Mark Salt comments “this is an exciting development in the aesthetics industry which not only offers international recognition but also ensures the continued raising of the bar in terms of knowledge and competence of practitioners. Practitioners who meet the requirements of these schemes will be able to demonstrate to their potential clients/ patients, that they have achieved an extremely high standard of practice and that they are assessed regularly to maintain that standard, this can only good for the industry”.


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